Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has reacted sharply to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech soon after he had inaugurated the new high court circuit bench in Jalpaiguri on Friday. Addressing the crowd, PM Modi had said, “The people of Jaipaiguri will get justice here itself.” (Also read: Amit Shah Says ‘Mamata Campaigning in UP Won’t Come to Much’)

Talking about the event, Banerjee said, “I feel ashamed to talk about this person (PM). Nobody from the Kolkata High Court was present. All infrastructure was paid for by us. The land is ours, the circuit bench is of (Kolkata) high court but nobody from them was there. It means the bride-bridegroom wasn’t there but the band party was there.”

The Prime Minister had said, “I have a special relationship with north Bengal. You grow tea here and I was a tea-seller before entering politics.”

Responding, Banerjee said, “During the election, he (PM) becomes chaiwala, after the election he becomes Rafale wala.”

She added, “If you take ‘panga’ with us, I will become ‘changa’.”

When asked if she had said that ‘Modi babu is lying,’ Banerjee said, “I did not call him Modi babu, I called him Mad-dy babu.”

PM Modi had called the coming together of the Opposition as ‘mahamilavat,’ to which Banerjee said, “He is afraid because we are working together. I was never scared, I have always fought my way out. I have always respected ‘Ma-Maati-Maanush’. It is a misfortune that he has become the PM because of the power of money.”

The West Bengal government has been alleging that it was kept in the dark about the inauguration of the Jalpaiguri circuit bench of the Calcutta High Court. West Bengal Law Minister Malay Ghatak said that neither Banerjee not the judges of the high court were invited to the programme.

PTI quoted him as saying, “The prime minister should be ashamed for taking to such petty politics.”

Besides, it was illegal to keep the state government in the dark about the inauguration programme, Ghatak said.