New Delhi: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar stirred a storm today when he wondered aloud if winning an election from Wayanad has changed Rahul Gandhi’s mindset while attacking the Congress party over its stand on the Kashmir situation earlier in the day.

Addressing a press conference, Javadekar said, “I am surprised… How far will vote bank politics go baba? Just because he won from Wayanad, does that mean his soch (mindset) has also changed.”

When prodded to explain further, Javadekar said that the constituency is not the problem, its representative is. The Union minister clarified, “All I am saying is his seat has changed, so mindset has changed. There is nothing wrong with Wayanad. What is wrong is with the representative from Wayanad.”

He then remarked, “When he used to win from Amethi (Rahul Gandhi) he would not talk like this.”

To this, netizens were quick to react and question as to what exactly was the Minister for environment, forest and climate change trying to say.

The Congress party too tweeted, “Would the Misinformation Minister @PrakashJavdekar
care to explain what he means when he says “Wayanad se jeete toh soch bhi badli?”

The BJP leader and Union Minister convened a press conference earlier in the day to rein attack on the Grand Old Party and its former chief Rahul Gandhi who had lashed out at the government for “draconian administration and brute force unleashed on the people of J&K” tweet.

Rahul Gandhi-led Opposition delegation was barred from visiting Kashmir when they landed at Srinagar airport on August 24, following which Rahul tweeted, “It’s been 20 days since the people of Jammu & Kashmir had their freedom & civil liberties curtailed. Leaders of the Opposition & the Press got a taste of the draconian administration & brute force unleashed on the people of J&K when we tried to visit Srinagar yesterday.”