New Delhi: Giving a new twist to the ongoing high-voltage political drama in Maharashtra, President’s Rule was on Tuesday imposed in the state as political parties failed to form government in over 20 days after the assembly polls were concluded last month.

The decision to impose the President’s Rules was taken hours after Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari recommended President Ram Nath Kovind to impose it in the state, stating he was satisfied that Maharashtra government cannot be carried on in accordance with the Constitution.

The development came after President Kovind approved the proposal after the Ministry of Home Affairs sent the file on Governor’s recommendation to impose President’s Rule in the state to him.

“Maharashtra Governor was of the view that it has been 15 days since the conclusion of the electoral process and none of the political parties are in the position to form a govt in the state, hence  President’s Rule is a better option,” Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Spokesperson said.

Releasing a statement, the MHA said the President’s rule in Maharashtra has been imposed for six months. “The Governor has given his recommendation to the centre, saying that there is no party which seems to be in a position to form the government.”

What BJP did?

On Sunday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said it would not form the government in Maharashtra as the 50:50 formula with its ally Shiv Sena did not work out with both the parties demanding for the CM’s post.

What Shiv Sena did?

After the coalition talks with the ‘elder brother’ BJP failed, the ‘younger brother’ Shiv Sena started running from pillar to post to gather support to form the government in the state. However, its distant friends the NCP and the Congress, though expressed willingness to extend support, are yet to handover their letter of support to the party which in a way led the party face the music from the governor on Monday evening. Meanwhile, after being denied more time to prove the majority, the Shiv Sena has approached the Supreme Court, challenging the governor’s move. Even though the governor had given time to the NCP to meet him to prove majority on Tuesday evening, the Centre, however, in haste, has imposed the President’s Rule in the state.

What’s there in numbers?

The state of Maharashtra has a total of 288 Assembly seats. As per the counting results, the saffron party has secured 105, the highest number, though not near the halfway mark of 144. The Sena has 56 seats. The NCP and the Congress have 54 and 44 seats, respectively.

What is President’s Rule?

Article 356 of the Constitution clearly states that the President’s Rule is imposed in a state in case of failure of the constitutional machinery. As per the Constitution, it can be imposed in cases where the President receives a report from the state governor or is satisfied that a situation has arisen in which the government of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. As per regulations, President’s Rule is imposed in a state after approval by both Houses of the parliament. And it can continue for six months. In certain cases, it can be extended up to three years with the approval of the Parliament.

What next?

After the completion of six months of the President’s Rule, the Election Commission will have to announce fresh polls in the state. In between, if any political formulation emerges and proves that it can form the government during a floor test in the House, then President’s Rule can be dissolved.