New Delhi: Facebook-owned messaging platform Whatsapp has written to the government expressing “regret” over the Pegasus snooping row while assuring that it is taking all security measures to address concerns, top government sources said.

A WhatsApp spokesperson, in an e-mailed statement, said the company is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of its users in India “by providing industry-leading security for all messages and calls and by staying ahead of advanced threats to user security”.

“The government also plays a critical role here and we are committed to continuing to engage them in a timely manner on sensitive issues related to user privacy and security. We regret that we have not met the government’s expectations for proactive engagement on these issues and will strive to do better,” the spokesperson said.

It is learnt that the government had asked the messaging platform to reinforce its security wall, while giving a stern warning that no more breaches at the messaging platform will be tolerated.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that more than 120 journalists and activists in India were spied on through Pegasus, Israeli spyware. Investigations had also revealed that the users who were preyed upon span across four continents and were mostly diplomats, political dissidents, journalists, and senior government officials.

The Facebook-owned messaging platform has also claimed to have informed the Centre twice about the privacy breach on WhatsApp, once in May and the other time, in September.

In May, WhatsApp became aware of the NSO group which enabled the snooping. A total of 1,400 people worldwide were targeted by the spyware. On October 29, taking cognisance of the matter, the Facebook-owned company WhatsApp sued the alleged NSO Group.