New Delhi: Union defence minister Rajnath Singh on Friday directed his ire at Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the occasion of International Yoga Day after the latter tweeted a picture of Army dog units performing an asana and captioned it ‘New India’.

Rahul’s tweet in the morning soon stirred a storm in the tea cup with Tweeple tearing him asunder over ‘mocking’ Yoga Day celebrations, the Indian Army, and the Indian Army dog squad. His post garnered thousands of retweets and comments with people pointing him out over the line he crossed with the caption.

A visibly miffed Defence minister too did not take it lying down and tweeted, “With due respect to you, @RahulGandhi Ji, these are proud members of the Indian Army and they contribute to the safety of our nation… जब कोई बार-बार हमारी सेना का अपमान करता है तो यही प्रार्थना की जा सकती है कि हे भगवान सद्बुद्धि दे! (when someone makes fun of the armed forces, we can only pray to the lord to instill some sense in them)

The Congress president is known to be a dog lover and often posts pictures of his pet ‘Pidi’ on Twitter- but this post fails us.

Meanwhile, PM Modi performed yoga along with around 30,000 people, at Prabhat Tara grounds in Ranchi on the occasion of the fifth International Yoga Day.

Addressing the participants, Modi said, “Modern yoga has not reached the poor and tribal people. We have to make yoga an integral part of their lives. Poor people suffer more from diseases and it makes them poorer… Yoga is a medium to come out from poverty.”