New Delhi, Sep 25: Amid deteriorating bilateral ties after the Uri terror attack that claimed lives of 18 soldiers at Uri Army base in Jammu and Kashmir, India gave a befitting reply to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s vitriolic speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Sharif, during the General Debate of 71st Session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday night raked the Kashmir issue and said peace and normalization between India and Pakistan cannot be achieved without a resolution of the Kashmir dispute and India has posed unacceptable preconditions to engage in a dialogue. Also Read - India Records Over 1.6 Lakh Cases in Last 24 Hours, Surpasses Brazil to Become Second Most COVID-hit Country After US

India chose a young and bold woman diplomat, Eenam Gambhir to represent the nation at the UNGA. Gambhir, India’s First Secretary in the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nation, with her courageous stand exercised India’s ‘Right to Reply’ and left no stone unturned to demolish the arguments laid down by Sharif. The young Indian lady rebutted all the allegations and demolished all charges labeled by Nawaz Sharif during his address. Also Read - PSL 2021 Schedule: Despite COVID-19 Surge, Pakistan Super League to Resume From June 1

With her sharp remarks, Gambhir caught people’s attention when she characterized Pakistan as a “terrorist state. She said Pakistan channelized billions of dollars to train, fund and support terrorist groups. In her statement she also mentioned that the land of Taxila, which is one of the greatest learning centers of ancient times, is now host to the Ivy League of terrorism that attracts aspirants and apprentices from all over the world. (ALSO READ: Pakistan host to ‘Ivy League of terrorism’: India responds to Nawaz Sharif’s speech at UNGA) Also Read - Encounters Break Out in Kulgam, Anantnag Day After J&K Police Gun Down 7 Terrorists

Sharif in his statement mentioned, “Indian brutalities are well documented. I would like to inform the General Assembly that Pakistan will share with the Secretary General a dossier containing detailed information and evidence of the gross and systematic violations of human rights committed by Indian forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir”.

In wake of the deadly terror attack at the Uri Army base in Jammu and Kashmir, India has isolated Pakistan on all international platforms. India took a tough stand at Pakistan and Eenam Gambhir delivered a stinging riposte to Nawaz Sharif’s speech. Considering Pakistan’s record in harbouring terrorists of all kinds, Gambhir’s speech was drafted by five top Indian diplomats who had had experience in dealing with Pakistan. The team jotted down points for about five hours and then came up with the final version and chose Gambhir to speak it up to the world during India’s right to reply. (ALSO READ: Nawaz Sharif at UN: Would Pakistan PM’s endorsement of Burhan Wani create more homegrown jihadis in Kashmir Valley?)

Top diplomats like Syed Akbaruddin who heads the Indian mission at UN, Rudrendra Tandon, joint secretary UN (political) in the MEA and Sujata Mehta, secretary, India’s Foreign secretary S Jaishankar were the ones behind drafting Gambhir’s speech. Soon after Nawaz Sharif’s address ended, these top Indian diplomats gathered at Akbaruddin’s office which is a few blocks away from UN headquarters. It was, however, a team effort. (ALSO READ: Nawaz Sharif UNGA address: Left, Right and Centre of Indian polity slam Pakistani support to Burhan Wani)

“We calculated, and had about five hours… and each one of us have had experience in dealing with Pakistan in some manner or the other,” the Indian diplomat was quoted by Indian Express. It was reported that the Indian team wanted it to be sharp and crisp and not more than 500 words that could be read within 3-4 minutes. Taking into consideration the short attention span phenomenon, the Indian diplomats wrapped up the speech in 511 words, making it real crisp and to the mark and could be easily circulated in the social media.  It was reported that the final script was send to Foreign secretary S Jaishankar before it was given a green signal.

Seven things that you should know about Eenam Gambhir.
  1. Eenam Gambhir  is a 2005-batch IFS officer and is the junior most Indian officer at the Permanent Mission of India at the UN, New York.
  2. Gambhir has operated the Pakistan desk at the external affairs ministry, and later went on to New York.
  3. Gambhir hails from New Delhi and has worked at the External Affairs Ministry of India until mid 2015.
  4. She has also worked at the Embassy of Argentina in the past.
  5. Former MEA spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin, who now heads the Indian mission at UN has been a mentor to Gambhir.
  6. Gambhir completed her education from the University of Geneva
  7. Gambhir’s first posting was in Madrid where she picked up proficiency in Spanish, which she had chosen as her foreign language

Gambhir, the bold Indian face, took the responsibility of rebutting the charges made by Nawaz Sharif during his speech in UN General Assembly. Exercising India’s Right of Reply to Sharif’s statement she said Pakistan was democracy deficit country and practices terrorism on its own people. “That fear monger assault is a piece of a trail of persistent stream of psychological oppressors prepared and furnished by our neighbor and entrusted to complete psychological militant assaults in my nation,” she said. (ALSO READ: Glorification of Burhan Wani is self-incrimination by Nawaz Sharif: India)

Gambhir described Pakistan as a country with a democracy deficit that practices terrorism on its own people and suppresses minorities and women and denies basic human rights including through draconian laws. She won accolades at home for her impressive speech that slammed Sharif’s allegations. Twitterati too lauded her for her speech delivery and poise and words at the UNGA. Moreover, India is now keenly waiting with all eyes and ears set on another speech that will be delivered by India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj on September 26. Swaraj is likely to give a stinging response to Sharif’s tirade on Kashmir issue.