New Delhi, Dec 20: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Parvesh Verma made derogatory statement against Muslim community saying Muslims don’t vote for the BJP because it is a patriotic party. Parvesh Verma went on asking media persons why all terrorists happened to be Muslim. The BJP MP also said Muslims don’t want to associate with development and come into the mainstream. Parvesh Verma, who represents the West Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, also associated Muslims with Pakistan and terrorism. Also Read - Mission Shakti: Noida Police Asks Public to Identify 'Dark Spots' in The City to Ensure Women Safety

“Muslims don’t vote for BJP because it is a patriotic party,” said Parvesh Verma while addressing a rally in Baghpat in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. When media confronted Verma on his remark, he said: “We don’t care about any vote bank. Muslims have never voted for us and they never will. It is a very simple matter… why is every terrorist in the country a Muslim and why do Muslims not vote for BJP… Because the BJP is a patriotic party, that’s why Muslims don’t vote for us. We don’t care about any particular community. We will build the Ram Mandir.” Also Read - Former Maharashtra Minister Eknath Khadse Quits BJP, to Join NCP on Friday

Parvesh Verma claimed Muslim community doesn’t want to associate with development. The BJP MP said Muslims vote for every party except the BJP. “Are Muslim children in madrasas being provoked against the BJP? When I was asked why only the BJP is called a nationalist party, I said why terrorists in the nation are only Muslims and why Muslims do not vote for the BJP.because it (the community) does not want to come in the mainstream and does not want to get associated with development. (BSP chief) Mayawati has said that if Muslims vote for her, she can make the government,” said Verma. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh: Major Fire Breaks Out at Chemical Factory in Meerut, 6 Fire Tenders on Spot

When asked why Muslims stay away from the BJP, Parvesh Verma asked counter question that why all terrorists happened to be Muslim. “I think the most relevant issue is the relation between India and Pakistan. Why are terrorists only Muslims? From where do they get all the funding and from where do they get all the weapons?” asked Verma. The statement of Parvesh Verma makes it clear that the BJP will fight elections in Uttar Pradesh by falling back on its strategy of gathering votes by minority baiting and polarising votes along religious lines.

Congress’ chief ministerial candidate in Uttar Pradesh Shiela Dikshit said the remarks of Parvesh Verma expose the divisive politics of the BJP once again. “It brings out the agenda of the BJP in UP. It is a communal statement. The party believes in dividing society on communal lines. Whether this is a poll gimmick or not, at no point can these statements be made. They should realise that our country is one, where following a religion is everyone’s fundamental right and we respect all religions equally. Peace has to be maintained in society,” Dikshit was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Congress Secretary Shehzad Poonawalla has approached the Election Commission of India (ECI), the National Commission for Minorities (NCM), the Union Home Ministry and the UP government, seeking a ban on Parvesh Verma from campaigning in Uttar Pradesh.