New Delhi: Pattali Makal Katchi (PMK) supremo S Ramadoss has faced flak from different sections over his threat to ‘hack journalists’. In a video circulated on social media, Ramadoss can be heard saying that several years ago he had threatened to “cut down” journalists who repeatedly ask him questions about the protests by felling trees. The PMK leader made the comment recalling to a question asked by a journalist at the Chennai Press Club event related to the practice of protesting by tree cutting.

The event on ‘Hate Politics’ was headed by Tamil Padaippaligal Periyakkam. Ramadoss, special invitee at the event, during his speech spoke on his countless effort to plant trees. However, when a journalist from Kolkata-based newspaper quizzed him about the 1980s protest of felling trees by the PMK, the party chief lashed out at him.

“I told him that I have answered this question a hundred times. You are asking about it repeatedly with a motive, which is to establish that Ramadoss is a tree-cutter. You want to ensure that even people who don’t know about this, get to know it now.  So I told him – in future if there is any such protest, we will not cut trees. Instead, we will cut people like you who ask questions,” he said according to a report by The News Minute.

Not just that, he called journalists ‘dogs’ and said, “Hey dogs, come and see where all I have planted trees.”

Ramadoss’ remark received sharp criticism from journalists and from the Chennai Press Club whose Joint Secretary issued a statement for his “uncivil and indecent language” seeking an apology on behalf of the minister.