New Delhi: From 7 AM to 9 PM today, there is a spontaneous curfew across the country in an attempt to fight the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. Only essential services will be available. Public transport is also partially shut. As pictures from deserted roads, stations come pouring in from Sunday morning, several rumours are doing the rounds that there will be penalties if you are found flouting the curfew rules. According to one such rumour, there will be Rs 11,000 fine on those who will be found wandering on the streets for no reasons in Delhi. Also Read - Coronavirus: 'Janata Curfew' Begins, PM Modi Urges People to 'Add Tremendous Strength to Fight Against COVID-19 Menace'

“We have spotted this fake notice being circulated purportedly issued by Delhi Police. We have NOT issued any such advisory on the imposition of a fine on March 22. Please tell your family and friends that this is FALSE & FAKE. Let’s make #JanataCurfewMarch22 a success,” the DCP of South Delhi tweeted. Also Read - Janata Curfew Today LIVE: States Announce Lockdown, Coronavirus Cases Rise to 396 in India, Says ICMR

What about other places? The curfew is all about spontaneity. It’s not an imposition. So, no, there will be no penalties. Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police HC Awasthi on Saturday directed officials to deal politely with people in case they come out of their homes during ‘Janata curfew’ on Sunday.

In his directives to police officials, Awasthi said, “Crowd should not be allowed to gather during ‘Janta Curfew’. However, in the case due to any reason, a situation arises that crowd gathers, then an appeal should be made and they should be politely urged to go back to their houses. The police should tell people about the importance of the Janata Curfew.”

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