New Delhi, June 17: Narendra Modi government released the first National Intellectual Property Rights Policy last month. The NIPR policy can be used as a tool for the government to further pursue its obsession with cow and all its by-products, including cow urine. Cow slaughter has been banned in most states, and Hindu nationalist groups have taken a very strong stance against cow slaughter. The infamous Dadri case is one of the examples which show that these groups value the lives of the holy cow far more than that of their fellow citizens.

In the early 2000s, a study by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), promoted the benefits of cow urine for its medical virtues in treating diabetes, cancer, DNA damage, etc., a report by the New York Times said. (ALSO READ: RSS wants separate ‘Cow Welfare Ministry’ in Narendra Modi government)

The Indian government even filed for a dozen patent applications in over 150 countries, related to cow urine. Several countries across the world, other than India itself, have recognised these patents. India has strict standards for patents but that may soon change.

So far, frivolous patents in addition to patents of natural substances have been unable to find their place in India. The government is working to include cow urine which can be done if it somehow brings “traditional knowledge” within the patents’ purview. The CSIR is has spent millions including cow urine in health tonics, energy drinks and chocolates.

The Indian patent system is looked upon as a model in countries abroad. However, the government’s determination to patent cow urine would reflect poorly on the India.