New Delhi: Even though the West Bengal state government updates its tally and added the co-morbidity figures to the death toll, it continued to dismiss the allegation that at present West Bengal has the highest death rate. The inter-ministerial central team has assessed that the mortality rate in West Bengal is the highest in the country at 12.8 per cent. The national average for mortality is 3.2 per cent. Also Read - COVID-19: Maharashtra Records 105 Deaths, 2190 Cases in Last 24 Hours, Total Tally at 56948

1. According to the Centre, the total tally of West Bengal is 133 Also Read - On Call, PM Modi Discusses Economic Impact of Coronavirus With Sri Lankan PM Mahinda Rajapaksa

2. But according to the state government, the number of COVID-19 victims is 61 Also Read - We Will Not Learn! French NGO Collects Masks-Gloves And Other Medical Waste in Mediterranean Sea-Bed Amid COVID-19

3. However, for the first time, the West Bengal state government has provided its figure of comorbidity death. The Centre added both the figures and deduced to 133.

4. West Bengal government said 61 is Corona death toll, while 72 other are deaths linked to COVID-19.

5. Meanwhile, BJP has been claiming that the numbers are still not clear as even the number of total cases is being fudged.

Co-morbidity is deaths with the virus but not of the virus. The state government is still maintaining this status.

West Bengal reported its first positive case of coronavirus on March 27. An 18-year-old man, who returned from England, tested positive for novel coronavirus, making it the first confirmed case in West Bengal. Now, the number stands at 1,259.