New Delhi, June 11: A five-year-old girl’s testimony nailed her step-dad for killing his wife, leading the Delhi High Court to uphold the life sentence of the man. The man had appealed in the high court against the trial court’s decision handing him life sentence for killing his second wife with a pair of scissors. While initially he claimed he wasn’t even home at the time of the incident, his lawyer later said the incident might have occurred in the heat of the moment, said a report in (Also Read: Gauri Lankesh Murder: Same Gun Was Used to Kill Kalburgi)

Widower Ajay (name changed) had married Namita (name changed). His two children from the first marriage stay in Mussoorie where they study. It was Namita’s second marriage too and her kids from the first marriage, a boy and a girl, lived with the couple. The girl said Ajay often beat up her mother. On the day of the incident, the girl said she heard her mother cry. When she approached the kitchen, she saw her step-father assault her mother. “My father grabbed me and asked me to go inside the room and watch television. I saw my father injuring mother with a sharp object. He also shoved the gas pipe n her mouth,” she told court, said the report. (Also Read: Ryan School Murder: HC Rejects Bail Plea of Minor Accused)

Ajay’s counsel told the court that the girl was tutored by her maternal grandparents but the court that there was consistency in the girl’s statement. Her testimony was also substantiated by the forensic report which found human blood on the scissors. The post-mortem report mentioned that the lungs were punctured due to multiple stabbing. The court also ruled out the contention that the incident took place in the heat of the moment. “There were multiple stab wounds on the vital parts, leaving the deceased with absolutely no chance of survival. If it was a single stab wound, it might still have been possible for the man to argue that there was no intention to kill the deceased,” the court said.