Jammu, Nov 14: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today called upon India’s women to come forward and contribute in rebuilding the nation and taking it to new heights. “The women force (Matri Shakti) apart from serving their families, should come out and work for the country and the society, which will lead to the nation to the new heights and rebuild the nation,” Bhagwat said while addressing a women conference here today. “Women should come forward and take part in the programmes for the welfare of the society. They should start from their homes to create mini-India and work for the society without getting distracted by anybody.Also Read - Angry Women Barge into Liquor Shop & Smash Furniture in Karnataka's Chikkamagalur | Watch

They should start from their homes,” he said. “Till India’s ‘matra shakti’ (women power) turns active and comes forward, India will not be able to achieve its potential and pristine glory. Our matra shakti can act as a guiding force to the world,” said the RSS supremo. Because of the guidance of womenfolk, entire world is making progress and a country cannot be taken to new heights without the contribution from the women force, he said. Also Read - Kerala Man Calls Himself ‘Boob Hunter’, Brags About Groping More Than 300 Women For ‘Fun’ | See Screenshots

“The society is composed of 50 per cent of the females and it is because of that the womenfolk are most important component in the progress of the society. There is no possibility of change of destiny of a country, society and family without the change of the destiny of the womenfolk,” Bhagwat said. He said that no comparison should be held between women and the men folk. “It should not be projected that men are superior or women are superior, but both working together for the welfare of the society are supreme”, he said. “It is important to educate womenfolk because a mother is the basic teacher to her children and women have taught and inculcated sense of sacrifice among the children and the society in the country,” he said. Also Read - Taliban Official Compares Women Without Hijab to 'Sliced Melon', Netizens Outraged | Watch