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It has been talked about a lot and has got a lot of media attention especially after an incident but how safe is a woman walking down a road at any time of the day in India? You have a female friend even considering to work in Delhi and the first thing you say is, it’s not safe there for a woman be it your friend or sister or someone you know and care about. Also Read - Coronavirus Creates Havoc: 3 MPs, 6 MLAs And Former President Among COVID's VVIP Victims

Delhi is the infamous city known for the lack of safety for women but take any place in India and can you be completely peaceful that a woman is safe? No need to think of a place because the answer is no. There is no place in India where you can say that a woman can be carefree and nothing terrible can happen to her. Also Read - COVID-19: With Spike of Over 92,000 Cases, India's Tally Surpasses 54 Lakh-mark; Recovery Rate Nears 80% | Key Points

The simplest task like getting groceries from a nearby shop and a woman is not really safe even in the best of neighborhoods with the most comprehensive security. Why is this so? It lies deep-rooted in the psyche of the Indian people. The key word is people and not just men because often the safety is flouted by other women too.

To critique the narrow minded thinking of Indians and the resulting lack of security from this complex problem, Harvard students from India have shot pictures with messages to show the people the dark side of the Indian society and send a strong message to support women’s rights by respecting her with no exceptions.

Here are the pictures from the photo shoot by the Indian Harvard students.