New Delhi: Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday said that she would not hesitate to call some forces in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) “anti-India”. She alleged that some forces in the varsity are openly waging a war against the country.

“I feel sad for so many things happening there. During the election time, arguments, and disputes are normal but the kind of things which have happened in the last few years are not encouraging at all. It’s very different to have a party, whose ideology you may not agree with, but they have probably gone to be led by forces which are anti-India,” Sitharaman said during an interactive session with female journalists.

“They are waging a war against India in their pamphlets. Their brochures say that. When such people are leading the JNUSU, or JNUSU members are openly participating with such forces, you don’t need to hesitate to call them anti-India.”

“Forces are waging the war against India and it is they who are also seen with the students’ union’s elected representatives…that makes me feel uneasy,” the minister added.

Her remarks came two days after the United Left student group alliance swept the JNU Students’ Union polls with them winning all the four central posts- President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary. Presidential candidate of the Left, N Sai Balaji bagged 2,161 votes and has been elected as the President while Sarika Chaudhury has been elected as the Vice President after bagging 2,692 votes. Aejaz Ahmed Rather who has been elected as the General Secretary bagged 2,423 votes and Amutha Jayadeep has become the Joint Secretary after bagging 2,047 votes.

(With IANS inputs)