New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, on the occasion of World Environment Day, called on everyone to reiterate the pledge to ‘preserve the rich biodiversity of our planet’, also sharing a clip from his most recent Mann Ki Baat programme, in which had referred to the World Environment Day.Also Read - 'We Can Make a Difference': Twitterati Pledges to Protect & Preserve Nature On World Environment Day

PM Modi tweeted: “On World Environment Day, we reiterate our pledge to preserve our planet’s rich biodiversity. Let us collectively do whatever possible to ensure the flora and fauna, with whom we share the earth, thrive. May we leave an even better planet for the coming generations.” Also Read - World Environment Day 2020: Arjun Kapoor Urges All to Not Use Plastic, Joins Bhumi Pednekar's Climate Warrior Initiative

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Notably, in the most recent episode of Mann Ki Baat, last Sunday, the Prime Minister had spoken about World Environment Day, a brief video of which he shared with his tweet today.

In the clip, the PM talks about how this year’s theme, i.e. biodiversity, is equally pertinent in the current circumstances, referring to the ongoing nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. “The lockdown, over the last few weeks, may have slowed down the pace of our lives, but it has also given us an opportunity to introspect upon the rich diversity of nature or biodiversity around us,” he had said.

PM Modi had also remarked how much of the avian fauna had disappeared due to sound and air pollution, but now people can once again listen to their melodic chirping in their homes

Talking about conservation of rainwater, he had said that the traditional conservation methods are in the form of very simple remedies, and employing these ‘we can tap the water’.

He also urged people to plant trees and make resolutions so that a daily relationship with nature can be forged.

Temperature is on the rise, so do not forget to “facilitate water for the birds,” he had said.

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