New Delhi, December 2: After being re-elected in the International Court of Justice, Dalveer Bhandari gave an exclusive interview to Zee Media. Talking to Zee Hindustan and Zee Regional Channels CEO Jagdish Chandra, Bhandari said that it was all because of India’s growing respect among the developed countries. The world now wants India representation in all the International organizations. He also gave the credit to the people of India. He said, that the world now wants to learn from the old judicial system of our country.Also Read - Pakistan Allows Kulbhushan Jadhav to Appeal His Conviction; India Says Law Will be Meaningless if...

Bhandari said that ICJ is very different from the other courts. 15 Judges from different field and countries are selected in the ICJ. It’s main mandate is to resolve all the issues among the countries peacefully. ICJ needs to have UN’s consent for hearing any issue under its jurisdiction. Bhandari said the contempt of court doesn’t come under its jurisdiction although usually countries abide by the verdicts given by ICJ. Also Read - Rs 20,000 Cr Tax Dispute Case: Vodafone Wins Arbitration Against India, Govt to Pay Rs 40 Cr as Administrative Cost

Bhandari in this world exclusive interview said that earlier only the developed countries voice is heard in these organizations. Nowadays developing countries’ issues are also heard indiscriminately. He said this is a reason behind him getting 183 votes out of 193 and 15 UN votes. Also Read - 'Kulbhushan Jadhav Coerced,' Says India After Pakistan's Claim That he Refused to File Review Appeal

Bhandari also commented on the legal education of the country. He said there is a little improvement after national Law School came into existence. According to Bhandari, those subjects are taught to the budding lawyers that are for the public good at large. Old laws should be abolished. He also commented on the Corruption in the judiciary and the PIL losing its direction.

Bhandari who started his career in 1968 as a lawyer in Jodhpur went on to become a Supreme Court judge in the year 2005. He was selected for the ICJ in the year 2012 for the first time. He said he is committed to solve the issues among nations peacefully. Dalveer Bhandari was among the 15 judge bench which stopped the death penalty to Kulbhushan Jadhav by Pakistan. After his re-election, India’s position, in this case, became stronger than before.