New Delhi: The riddle surrounding the world’s largest bird has now finally been solved. British scientists have discovered that a three-metre-tall ostrich-like creature that weighed almost a tonne is the world’s largest bird.

Named Vorombe titan — Malagasy, which is another name for “big bird” — the creature would have stood at least three metres, that is, nearly 10 feet tall, and had an average weight of 650 kilograms. James Hansford, lead author at the Zoological Society of London said, “At the extreme extent we found one bone that really pushed the limits of what we now understand about bird size,” referring to the 860-kg specimen.

Hansford added, “They would have towered over people. They definitely couldn’t fly as they couldn’t have supported anywhere near their weight.”

British scientists released a study that suggested that one species of elephant bird was even larger than previously thought, with a specimen weighing an estimated 860 kg — about the same as a fully grown giraffe.

In the study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, Hansford examined elephant bird bones found around the world thereby feeding their dimensions into a machine-learned algorithm to create a spread of expected animal sizes.