New Delhi: Among several investors and account-holders of Yes Bank who are concerned over Yes Bank crisis, there are the priests of Puri’s Jagannath temple as the lord has Rs 545 crore deposited in the bank. “We demand a thorough probe and action against the persons responsible for depositing such a huge amount in a private bank for a little more interest,” senior ‘Daitapati’ (servitor) Binayak Dasmohaopatra said to PTI. Also Read - Yes Bank Crisis: Hilarious Memes on Restricted Withdrawals to Rs 50,000 Will Surely Make You Laugh

“It is illegal as well as unethical to deposit the lord’s funds in a private bank. Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) and the Temple’s Managing Committee should be held responsible for the uncertainty,” said Jagannath Sena convenor Priyadarshi Patnaik. Also Read - Why Blame UPA if Yes Bank Crisis Started in 2017? Chidambaram's Point-by-Point Reply to FM

Allaying concerns, Law minister Pratap Jena said the money is with the bank as fixed deposits and not in a savings account. Also Read - UPA Liable For Bank Disasters, SBI to Invest In Yes Bank | 10 Things Nirmala Sitharaman Said

“The government has already decided to transfer the funds from Yes Bank to a nationalised bank after tenures of the fixed deposits end this month,” he said.

Former law minister and ex-Puri MLA Maheswar Mohanty said it was not proper to keep the money with a private bank for more interest.

Of the lord’s total Rs 626.44 crore, Rs 592 crore was kept in Yes Bank. While Rs 545 crore was in the bank as fixed deposits, the remaining Rs 47 crore was in a flexi account.

The money kept in the flexi account has been withdrawn and the remaining Rs 545 crore will be transferred to a nationalised bank in two phases after their maturities on March 16 and March 29.

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