Lucknow, July 6: The Yogi Adityanath government would gift a free kit containing condoms and contraceptives to newlywed couples as part of the Central govt’s initiative, Mission Parivar Vikas, which will be launched on World Population Day 2017. The kit has been named ‘Nayi Pahal’ and will be distributed by ASHA workers. Along with condoms and contraceptives, the kit will also carry brochures, guidelines and other important pieces of information on safe sex, family planning and spacing out births, reports TOI. The ‘Nayi Pahal’ kit will also contain towels, handkerchiefs, a nail-cutter, a comb and a mirror set.

Uttar Pradesh contributes the most to the growing population of India. Uttar Pradesh has a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 3.3 and 11 districts within UP have a TFR of over 4. Along with Uttar Pradesh, the states such as Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, and Jharkhand contribute to 28 per cent of the country’s total population.

The central govt’s initiative to curb the population of India, Mission Parivar Vikas, will be launched across 145 districts in these seven states where the fertility rate is high. “The aim is to prepare newly wed couples about responsibilities of married life,” TOI quotes Avneesh Saxena, project manager of Mission Parivar Vikas, as saying.

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“The key strategic focus of this initiative will be on improving access to contraceptives through delivering assured services, dovetailing with new promotional schemes, ensuring commodity security, building capacity (service providers), creating an enabling environment along with close monitoring and implementation,” reads a statement from the Ministry.

The reports also have it that as part of the family planning initiative, the UP government has also decided to place free condom boxes at health facility centres and Gram Panchayat Bhawans. The women who go for opt for a new contraceptive injection will be paid Rs 100 per shot. Incentives will be given to individuals who undergo sterilisation.

World Population Day will be celebrated on July 11 on the theme of ‘Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations’.