New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath took a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi and said that people have started showing their gotra and sacred thread to become prominent in the country’s politics. He was addressing a public gathering in the Faizabad district, he said, “The people who had described themselves as accidentally Hindus were now realising that they were Hindus in the real sense and it was a victory of Sanatan faith.” Also Read - COVID-19: Universities, Colleges in Uttar Pradesh Reopen With 50 Percent Attendance of Students

He said Google failed before the epic Ramayana, which was written by sage Valmiki, and he asserted that the knowledge of the spiritual books was correct instead of what the search engine said. Also Read - Congress Facing Another Leadership Crisis or Just Looking For Reform? Here's What we Know

“The word Kumbh has started becoming prevalent. It has become a fashion and trademark for the branding of one’s programme… These days people are showing their Gotra and janeyu (sacred thread) to become prominent in the country’s politics,” Adityanath said without naming Gandhi. Also Read - After Noida, Yogi Govt Caps Wedding Guest Limit at 100 Across Entire Uttar Pradesh | Latest Guidelines Soon

“The people who described themselves as accidentally Hindu are now realising that they are also Hindus. (They are realising) it is not accidental and we are Hindus in the real sense. Now they are remembering their janeyu and Gotra. I think this is the victory of India’s Sanatan faith. This is the victory of our beliefs,” he said.

He claimed the people who were criticising the Kumbh Mela were trying to destroy the Indian culture and were conspiring to disgrace the country with the help of foreign funds. The BJP leader claimed that they were trying to defame Hindu religion over the Sabrimala issue when everybody knew the tradition of the temple.

He claimed that those who had never been to temple were issuing statements over the issue and a similar environment was being created over the grand Kumbh Mela by terming it an anti-Dalit convention.

He said people from all castes took part in Kumbh which was a symbol of spiritual grandeur.