New Delhi: The West Bengal government and the Centre are at the loggerheads and the present coronavirus crisis has added fuel to that like never before. Amid allegations that the state government is trying to cover up the actual number of the cases, Centre sent teams to the state — to which Mamata Banerjee took a great offence. Amid the increasing number of cases, finally the state and Centre was coming to a workable solution when Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar blamed the Mamata government for mismanaging the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Also Read - THIS City in India to Begin Door-to-door Vaccination Drive From Monday. All You Need to Know

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1. Mamata Banerjee sent a five-page letter to the Governor reminding him that she is the “elected chief minister of a proud Indian state” whereas he is a nominated governor. Also Read - Breaking News LIVE Updates: Sena MLA Makes Contractor Sit on Waterlogged Road & Asks Workers to Dump Garbage on Him

2. “You have to judge for yourself, whether your direct attacks on me, my ministers, officers, your tone, tenor and language, which in mildest words of extreme moderation, deserve to be characterized as parliamentary, your holding press conferences against the state government of which you are a governor, your repeated and consistent interference in the administration of my ministries make it clear as to who has flagrantly transgressed constitutional dharma…,” she wrote.

3. The governor’s conduct does not conform to even “basic norms of decency” between constitutional functionaries, the CM alleged.

4. This letter was prompted by the Governor’s earlier message to Mamata in which he said there has been a total failure at the end of the government. This was after a group of non-resident Bengali doctors wrote an open letter revealing how West Bengal is under-testing cases.

5. “The enormity of the situation and lapses at your end is that in spite of repeated communications for compliance you have blackholed all my communications resulting in the virtual negation of Articles 166 and 167 of the Constitution,” the Governor had written to the CM.

6. Despite the ongoing crisis, the chief secretary has only met me once and there has been no other interaction with the government, the Governor said.

7. Dhankhar said after Banerjee complained about the paucity of testing kits, he had contacted the union health minister who told him that adequate kits were available with the state government.

8. “Let me indicate for the benefit of the people of West Bengal that for their welfare, I would ever be in persuasive mode. I would bend to an extreme degree to serve them. I will plead with you as CM and the Government to see the writing on the wall, to follow the Constitution, but this mode of mine should not be misunderstood as my weakness,” the Governor said.

9. The total number of cases in West Bengal is 514.

10. Kolkata has the highest number of infection as the number of total cases stands at 184, followed by Howrah (79).

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