New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday met a delegation of Kashmiri Pandit diaspora in Houston on Sunday morning. The delegation unequivocally supported the steps taken by the Modi-led government and thanked the Prime Minister for the revocation of Article 370 that grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

“PM told us Kashmiri pandits have suffered a lot. His words were elixir for us. When we talked of Article 370,he said there’s a new breeze and we’ll build a new Kashmir. We’ve hopes with PM, we’ll work with him and make Kashmir a paradise again, Said Rakesh Kaul, Global Kashmiri Pandit.

The group also presented a memorandum, urging PM Modi to establish a task force or advisory council comprising of members from the community that would bring together Kashmir Pandit leaders, subject matter experts and key stake holders both in India and abroad to a help in development of plan to repatriate Kashmiri Pandits to the region.

“The community looks forward to working with government of India and newly constituted UTs to bring inclusive&sustainable development for benefit of all. We look forward to returning home in order to restore Kashmiri civilization’s core values of peace, pluralism, religious freedom”, Kashmiri Pandits’ memorandum to PM noted further.

Later, PM Modi interacted with member of Sikha and Bohra community in Houston.