New Delhi, June 27: An RTI query by a lawyer has revealed that jewellery and other valuables are no more safe in the bank lockers and the banks will not compensate for the loss of your valuables kept in them. Rather than using bank lockers to keep your valuables, the RTI query advises the use of home safes. As per a PTI report, 19 banks, including Bank Of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank, UCO, and Canara, unanimously said in a reply that “the relationship they have with customers with regard to lockers is that of a lessee (landlord) and lessor (tenant)”. This means a person will himself be responsible for his valuables in the bank lockers. Also Read - Bank Strike: Many Public Sector Banks to Remain Closed Across India on November 26, Here's Why

The bank lockers are unsafe for different reasons. Although there is a technological advancement to make them presumably safer than earlier, there have been reports of burglary, natural disasters destroying them. There were also reports of some customers losing their valuables because of banks’ negligence. However, getting a bank locker is not easy. Most of the banks always run out of lockers and there’s a waiting period. Several banks tell the customers to open a fixed deposit with them so as to rent safe deposit locker. These deposits are of higher value and longer duration than permitted by the banks. The rent one pays to own a locker in the bank can easily run in thousands every year, sometimes even between 3,000 to Rs 40,000. Also Read - Odisha Man Learns Robbery Techniques From YouTube, Loots 2 Banks to Repay His Loans

There was a time when getting a safe deposit locker was a valid choice as banks were safer and well-guarded than home lockers. Also, there were no other options available to the customers. Today, it’s not the same case. One doesn’t have to rely on the inbuilt safe deposit of steel almirah. Now, homes are safer than banks. The lockers used by the banks are made by the same manufacturers who make safes for home. These lockers are easily anchored into the walls, and give three-sided protection to the valuables. It can also be fitted with the flooring. Also Read - Unlock 4: West Bengal Govt Now Allows Banks to Function on Saturdays

When it comes to safe lockers, there are also those available that are burglary resistant. They are designed in a manner that it withstands burglary attacks. For a good safe, one will have to spend Rs 8,000-Rs 10,000 and it is one-time investment unlike the charges put forward by the banks.