This Saturday, October 14, ZEE Entertainment will debut the first episode of its brand new, highly-anticipated television series, Those Who Made It. Each 30-minute episode of the seven-part series will feature the story of an accomplished Indian-American, giving viewers an exclusive look at their journey to success.

Airing every Saturday through November 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT, 8:30 p.m. PST), Those Who Made It was created to inspire viewers by exploring the often untold stories of climbing the ladder – including the hardships and struggles of the journey to the top.

“Each of the seven individuals profiled for this series has an important story to tell. The road to success is often a bumpy one. At ZEE Entertainment, we are committed to sharing the true stories of their accomplishments – including the obstacles,” a spokesperson for ZEE Entertainment said. “Our goal is to inspire our viewers by sharing these unique journeys of success. When faced with challenges, they each rose to the occasion. They are role models for our community, serving as a prime example that hard work and dedication that pays off.”

Each episode will include the biography, journey, lifestyle and achievements of an accomplished Indian-American leader. The first season of Those Who Made It will feature a wide range of professionals, ranging from one of the world’s leading US immigration attorneys, to the founders of one of the most successful Indian grocery chains.

“Since our founding more than two decades ago, ZEE Entertainment has been committed to celebrating its Indian roots, shedding light on the many men and women of Indian heritage who have contributed to society in profound ways,” the spokesperson added. “Those Who Made It aims to embrace their accomplishments and celebrate their contributions.”

Here’s your exclusive sneek peek at first season of ZEE TV’s Those Who Made It:

Mrs. Sheela Murthy (October 14)

Sheela Murthy is a lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, best known as Founder and President of the Maryland-based Murthy Law Firm, which has been ranked as one of the world’s leading US immigration law firms. A native of India, Murthy and her husband, photographer and media specialist Vasant Nayak, established the MurthyNayak Foundation to channel their philanthropic contributions to non-profits that serve the needs of women, children and immigrants, particularly in education and healthcare. Murthy has repeatedly been recognized for her philanthropic work. She also serves on the boards of several nonprofits in the Baltimore-Washington area and elsewhere in the northeastern United States. She is a frequent speaker on immigration law, entrepreneurship, leadership and women’s issues.

Mr. Sant Chatwal (October 21)

Sant Singh Chatwal is an Indian-American businessman, owner of the mega-successful Bombay Palace chain of restaurants and Hampshire Hotels & Resorts. The son of a small tea stall owner in district courts Faridkot, Punjab claiming to have been a former pilot in the Indian Navy, Chatwal migrated to Ethiopia, where in course of time he became the owner of two restaurants serving Indian cuisine. In 1975, he left the country with some of his savings and opened a restaurant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he created a new cuisine based on a blend of French and Indian elements.

Mr. Frank Islam (November 4)

Frank Islam is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic leader and thought leader with a special commitment to civic, educational and artistic causes. He currently heads the FI Invest Group – a firm that he established after he sold his information technology firm, the QSS Group in 2007.

Islam serves on number boards and advisory councils including the Kennedy Center Board of Trustees, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the Brookings Institution. He also serves on various boards and councils at more than half-dozen universities including Johns Hopkins, University, American University and George Mason University.

Islam has written two well-regarded books on the American condition, Working the Pivot Points: To Make America Work Again (2013). Renewing the American Dream: A Citizen’s Guide for Restoring Our Competitive Advantage (2010).

Mr. AJ Khubani (November 11)

Ajit J. Khubani is an Indian-American businessman, the Founder and CEO of “As Seen On TV” products company Telebrands. He attended Montclair State University in New Jersey, where he majored in business administration all while working for his father’s importing business. During this time, Khubani tried selling a product on his own.

Using money from his savings, he took out an ad in the National Enquirer for a Walkman-type radio, which his father had sold to him on credit. He sold 2,000 of them and broke even. Eventually, at the age of 25, Khubani sold a massaging slippers product, earning $200,000.

Khubani’s first successful product with TeleBrands was Ambervision sunglasses. He went on to create other products, including the PedEgg. Khubani tours the U.S. hosting “TeleBrands Inventors Days,” where at-home inventors come to demonstrate their products.

Mr. Suri Sehgal (November 18)

Surinder Mohan (Suri) Sehgal is an India-born American philanthropist with a long career as a crop scientist, seedsman, entrepreneur and leading expert in the global hybrid seed industry. His research and professional successes in the areas of plant breeding and genetics, agbiotechnology, intellectual property, business management and seed industry development were carried out in executive capacities in several companies in the United States, Belgium and Germany.

After the divestment of a group of four seed companies that Sehgal founded and ran with his wife, Edda Sehgal, the couple created two nonprofit organizations to promote rural development in Suri’s country of origin: Sehgal (Family) Foundation in 1998 in the US and S M Sehgal Foundation in India. The foundations’ work focuses on water security, food security and social justice, with particular emphasis on women’s empowerment. A proponent of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Sehgal has also provided support individually and through the foundations for projects related to agriculture research,the preservation of biodiversity and the conservation of natural resources.

Mr. Javad Hassan (November 25)

Javad K. Hassan is the founder and chairman of NeST Group, a global conglomerate of more than 25 companies spread across several continents. Under the leadership of Hassan, NeST Group has become a worldwide leader in technology, with operations in India, the Middle East, Japan, Europe and the Americas. It has more than 4,000 employees, and has products and technologies in a whole range of areas, including health care, green energy and wireless and fiber optics communication systems. Its global customers include GE, Toshiba, Hitachi, ABB, Verizon, Honey Well, France telecom and Etisalat.

Hassan is the Founder and Fhairman of NeST Group, a global conglomerate of more than 25 companies spread across several continents. He started his career with IBM in 1968 as an engineer in its semi-conductor development and manufacturing division at East Fishkill.

Hassan came to the United States after receiving his BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Kerala, India. After completing his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a master’s in material science and engineering from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1968, he passed an opportunity to pursue a PhD at MIT, and instead joined IBM.

In 10 years, he became the head of the company’s semi-conductor development operations, which consisted of more than 2,000 engineers and scientists. During this period, he obtained more than 20 patents in semi-conductor technology for his inventions.

Mr. Mafat Patel (December 2nd)

After years of working in factory assembly lines throughout the city of Chicago, opportunity came knocking when a small Indian grocery store was for sale on little known Devon Avenue. A pair of brothers and their families decided to take on this new venture and by pooling meager savings they were able to purchase the small grocery located at 2034 W. Devon Avenue. In September of 1974, Patel Brothers was born.

After several years of hard work and success, Mafat Patel and his brother noticed a growing influx of Indians arriving in America and living coast to coast. Even with the growing Indian population, many ingredients were not available or very expensive. As entrepreneurs at heart, they decided to take the plunge and gave everything they had to building a national brand.

Taking it one store at a time, the Patel brothers now have 52 nationwide locations and continues to grow with several new locations planned this year. Today, Patel Brothers owes its success to the perseverance, hard work and dedication of five generations. It was this commitment to tradition and hard work that marked their beginning.

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