New Delhi, June 21: It’s been a week since Youtube channel has been blocked of the Press Information Bureau (PIB). The halting of the Youtube services has added to the woes of the government which is trying to put its best foot forward with regard to the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The government is in a fix and has been embarrassed with such a response which has not yet been resolved. This comes after Youtube updated its partner agreements. Also Read - Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas Express Train Operations To Remain Suspended From Friday Till Further Advice

The matter came to light after the Press Information Bureau (PIB) was unable to live stream Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal’s video on Tuesday, June 19. The incident also took place a time when most of the Union Ministers are holding press conferences to discuss about the achievements of the four-years of the Narendra Modi government. PIB live streams press conferences online and with the latest problem it has landed in a soup. Also Read - Chenab Bridge: World's Highest Rail Bridge in Jammu & Kashmir is Ready And It's Stunning

The official PIB channel on YouTube has more than 1.5 lakh subscribers, and it has already posted over 3,500 videos, which too cannot be accessed as of now. As per sources, when an existing video is played, the page says that the video is unavailable in India. It says-“This video contains content from Press Information Bureau. It is not available in your country.” With this latest development, PIB is unable to post any video or live telecast the any of the events. While PIB said it had not received any kind of notice or statement from the YouTube India stating that their videos have been blocked or even anything about the change in partner agreements, a spokesperson for YouTube India said that they were working to update their partner agreements. Adding to it, he said that were working to get back the videos of PIB. Also Read - Indian Railways To Start 71 Unreserved Train Services From April 5 | Complete List Here

The YouTube channel of PIB which was launched on May 2011 was set up in the month of May and the videos posted on the channel received around 14 million views.