New Delhi, April 21: A BJP MP made light of the water scarcity in his state on Saturday. At an event in his constituency of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, MP Laxmi Narayan  Yadav was asked why it was that despite government efforts, the area still reeled under water shortage. The man asking also acknowledged that the administration had made efforts but he went on to add that those measures weren’t adequate enough as a result of which, the area still suffered as much as it did 40 years ago. To that, Yadav said, “We can build water tanks, get water supply for you…what is your idea of adequate measures? We can’t be taking glassfuls of water to people.”

Probably realising his folly soon enough, Yadav said, “Just bear with us…you have suffered for so many years, the skies won’t fall if you waited another 6-8 month.” And then he questioned, “Do you ever put up such questions before your own panchayat? What have they done for you? We are doing what we can…we have informed the authorities concerned but why haven’t you asked your panchayat to do something about it? Why do you elect people who don’t redress your grievances?

The state has been facing acute water shortage this summer. A recent report suggests that acute water shortage looms over the entire nation. Experts say that indiscriminate use and climatic changes would only aggravate the situation.