Kashmir, June 6: Kashmiri mujahid commander, Zakir Rashid Bhat aka Zakir Musa, who quit Hizbul Mujahideen to wage a war for an Islamic Kashmir called Indian Muslims ‘spineless’ in a 4-minute audio clip and abused them for not joining the Islamic jihad. In the audio clip, Zakir Musa also called the Indian Muslims ‘world’s most shameless’ and asked them to take part in the fight to conquer the Hind (Hindustan). Zakir Musa ridiculed the reports that he ratted out Sabzar Bhat, the Burhan Wani successor who was recently killed by Indian security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.Also Read - Schools Reopening in UP: Normal Classes to Resume From Aug 16. New Rules, Timings & Other Details Here

“They are the most shameless Muslims in the world. They should be ashamed of calling themselves Muslims. Our sisters are getting abused and dishonoured and Indian Muslims keep screaming that ‘Islam is peace’.” He added: “They (Indian Muslims) are the most ‘beghairat qaum’ (shameless community) who cannot speak up against oppression and injustice. Is this what our Prophet and his ‘salafs’ (followers) have taught us? They gave their blood during the wars and martyrdom for the honour of our sisters.” Also Read - School Reopening In UP: Normal Classes to Resume Soon in Uttar Pradesh? Read CM Adityanath's Latest Statement

Zakir Musa began the audio calling out his supporters to join him with their weapons. “There is no need to clarify (that I did not rat Sabzar Bhat out) but those who claim to represent me must visit me with their weapons and I will serve them well,” says Zakir Musa with a laugh. Two officials from Jammu and Kashmir confirmed that it was Musa’s voice. Also Read - CBSE 12th Results 2021: Labourer's Daughter From UP Scores 100% Marks in Exam, Aspires to Become IAS Officer

Quoting Prophet Muhammad, Musa apparently called on Indian Muslims to take part on the conquest of Hind. “Our beloved prophet has assured Jannat to those who participate in the conquest of Hind,” he says. (Also Read: Zakir Musa, former Hizbul commander calls on Muslims to launch Jihad against cow vigilantes)

According to the reports, the audio clip was shared through Telegram and WhatsApp. “It’s a war between Islam and the infidel,” he declared in his first direct address to Indian Muslims. Warning Indian Muslims, he said, “You still have a chance to stand up and join us. Come forward or it will be too late for you.” He also said that the Indian Muslims need stand up for the atrocities against the Muslims in India by the cow vigilantes saying that “the muscle of Islam and Muslim community”.

The audio clip also quoted al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. Quoting bin Laden, Musa, on the resolution of the Kashmir issue under the UN resolutions said, “If they want to solve our tragedies of today in the United Nations, then they are merely hypocrites who are seeking to deceive Allah and his messenger and the believers. Are not all our tragedies only because of the UN?”

Taking about the rape of a Muslim woman in Bijnor, he said, “It is shameful that Indian Muslims are spineless and don’t act against the perpetrators of such crimes.”

Musa had also called on the Muslims of India to raise their voice against the gau rakshaks in India, and said, “My blood boils when I see Muslims being attacked by gau rakshaks and Indian Muslims must form groups to take part in the conquest of Hind.”