Jaipur, Jan 25: Nobel laureate and micro-finance pioneer Muhammad Yunus on Thursday criticised artificial intelligence, saying that it is a greed-based technology. Speaking at the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, he said there should be a social gatekeeper for technology. He called artificial intelligence a ticking time bomb.

Yunus called for the creation of a new civilization based on human values. He also talked extensively about entrepreneurship, economy and micro-finance. He said that everybody should be encourage to become entrepreneurs.

Citing the example of Bangladeshi people who broke the shackles of unemployment to become business leaders, he said that the trick is to design the right financial system. He said that people who currently have jobs may be jobless soon. The focus should be to move from being job seekers to job creators.

He said that micro-credit should not be blamed for suicides. He batted for a non-punitive credit in which people should not be penalised for non-payment of dues. Citing the example of Grameen Bank, which doesn’t have a concept of punishment for non-payment, he said that micro-credit system should never become repressive.

He also criticised universal basic income — a system practiced by many countries — saying the state pays people without doing anything. He said the system is detrimental to the whole idea of a creative human.