New Delhi: Minister of State for PMO Jitendra Singh on Monday came down heavily on Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for accusing the UP Police of arresting activists during the anti-CAA protests, saying it is like a sin target security personnel without sufficient evidence.

“I personally feel it’s a sin to point at security personnel without sufficient evidence. They are performing their job and likes of Mrs Priyanka are free to go around because they are protected by these personnel,” the Union Minister said.

The statement from the Union Minister comes minutes after Priyanka Gandhi Vadra alleged that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath government and the state police have taken several steps which led to ‘anarchy’ in the state during the anti-CAA protests.

Talking about the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, the Union Minister asked the Congress not to posse it for the sake of opposing but to accept it in truth and spirit.

“As right-thinking citizens, I think it is the responsibility of Congress party to come forward and acknowledge the Citizenship Amendment Act for the spirit and manner in which it is being brought in rather than being critical for the sake of being critical,” he further added.

Talking about the anti-CAA protests that happened in the state in the past week, Priyanka Gandhi said that she went to the house in Bijnor where two students died during the protests.

“I went to the house in Bijnor where two students died. One of them was shot outside his home. In the evening, the police threatened them not to take any legal action. According to media and official reports, 5,500 people were detained and 1,100 were arrested. Unofficially, the number is higher,” she added.