New Delhi, May 5: Attacking the BJP on the corruption issue in the forthcoming Karnataka Assembly elections, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said though Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked a lot, his action did not match his words. In a tweet that echoes those of Congress incumbent Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s tirade against Modi, Gandhi released a ‘primer on BJP’s candidate selection’. It questions the party for making Yeddyurapaa, who has 23 cases of cheating and forgery against him, its CM candidate. The tweet asks when the PM will talk about the top 11 leaders who have been given tickets and have multiple cases against them. It says the list plays like an episode of ‘Karnataka’s Most Wanted’. The text asks: “Will you speak for 5 minutes on 8 tickets to the Reddy Brothers Gang?” The accompanying clip goes to show BJP candidates who have cases against them. The video ends with the Reddy brothers accused of illegal mining in iron-ore rich Ballary, and the text, addressing Modi, says: “PS. You can refer to a paper for an answer.” Also Read - PM Modi Takes First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine at AIIMS

The tweet comes two days after Gandhi said at a rally that no matter what Modi says about him, he wouldn’t make personal comments on the Prime Minister. A couple of hours before that, Siddharamaiah had tweeted, asking Modi to ‘speak for five minutes on the ethics of using the Reddy Bros to win elections’. The ‘five minute’ sparring has been on since Gandhi said Modi wouldn’t be able to stand in front of him and speak for five minutes on issues like corruption and GST. Then, Modi hit back by asking Gandhi to speak in any language of his choice for 5 minutes without consulting a paper, ridiculing the Congress chief for his known use of notes during speeches.