We know body shaming is not something we should do but… Yes, a but is attached to this sentence and we will tell you why. We know body shaming is incorrect but for the people who invest all of their time in taking revenge from others instead of taking care of their health, it’s not. For them, there is a need for someone to put some sense into their senseless brain. They need to realise that their bodies need some physical activities to survive. Just laying around, doing nothing can harm their body and hampers its functionality.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki which initially took off as a love story between Rishi and Tanuja has now completely turned into an Indian version of Vampire diaries, where everyone is thirsty for blood. But there was one good thing in Vampire diaries though. Everyone was fit at least. Here in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki the only job of almost all the females is to plan and plot revenge all the time. They don’t seem to be bothered by their expanding body sizes. They don’t care if they faint because of their excess cholesterol and body fat. Even when a doctor comes to warn them, they don’t bother doing something to improve their health. The director specially crafted a scene to admit that the body fat of some people on the show is way over the line and they should indulge in some physical activities if they want to live a healthy life.   (Also Read: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Is every love story as twisted as Rishi and Tanuja’s?)

Well, how would they get time to take care of their health if they are so busy in making strategies to betray someone’s trust or avenge their insult. Their minds must be so cluttered to think anything good for themselves. The most important task of their day is to demean the one whom they hate. How can they make a paradigm shift and concentrate on the other less important things like health?

This TV show is watched day and night by hundreds of people all over our country. Is this the example they set? Finally Tanuja has come to the rescue to this unhealthy family. She has given John, the servant of the house a holiday and has asked Rano to do all the cleaning. Raj is supporting Tanuja in her ordeal to make Rano fit. Rano, however, is still thinking that Tanuja is taking revenge from her.

We really hope that Rano and the other Bedi members understand that they have some duties towards the body in which they reside. Just like they have to keep it clean, they have to keep it healthy too. Regular workouts or regular physical activities are a must for a happy and a healthy life. (Also Read: 4 things we should never learn from Kratika Sengar aka Tanuja)