Beijing, June 19: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is on a two-day trip to China on Tuesday and Wednesday, reported Xinhua, China’s official news agency on Tuesday. The announcement was made even before the Air Koro, a special North Korean state-run airline, landed in Beijing.

Earlier this year, Kim visited Beijing in March, while in May he headed to China’s northeastern city, Dalian. Usually, the state media, either from Beijing or Pyongyang, announces the leader’s visits only when completes them. However, this time Kim’s visit to China has been revealed while it is in progress.

Kim Jong Un’s visit to China is the first trip outside the country ever since his Singapore summit with Donald Trump on June 12. During the first six years of rule, Kim did not travel outside the country. In a span of three months, the North Korean leader is visiting North Korea’s only real ally for the third time this year.

At the Singapore summit, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un jointly declared their decision to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula. The agreement received severe criticisms for being vague, without any definite timeline. Kim is expected to discuss with Chinese President Xi Jinping about his first ever meeting with  Trump. Cheng Xiaohe, a Korea expert at Renmin University in Beijing said,“The visit is taking place against the backdrop of the upcoming full-blown trade war.” Details on who is planning to join Kim on his visit are awaited.