New Delhi: Five months after Raj Babbar had offered to resign from his post of the president of UP unit, Ajay Kumar Lallu was appointed as the president. According to reports, this entire overhaul has been planned by secretary Priyanka Gandhi who is seen to be taking the reins in her hand while there are complaints against and speculations over Rahul Gandhi’s role and engagement in party affairs.

The state is set to go to the polls in 2022. The Congress under the leadership of Priyanka is strengthening its roots in the state. A close aide of Priyanka, Ajay Lallu is a two-time MLA from the Tamkuhi Raj constituency in Kushinagar. Taking his place as the new CLP leader will be Rampur MLA Aradhna Mishra Mona, who is the daughter of senior leader Pramod Tiwari. As part of the revamp, the Congress will also get a new 45-member state executive body.

Sources said there was disagreement over Priyanka’s decision to choose Lallu as he is not a very old name in the party. But reportedly, Priyanka threw her weight behind Lallu as he has been working on the ground, unlike many senior leaders who operate from Delhi.

In other parallel developments, the Congress has appointed Gaurav Gogoi as the in-charge of Tripura and Manipur, along with his current responsibilities as in-charge of West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Luizinho Faleiro to continue as General Secretary In-charge of other north-eastern states.