New Delhi: The fares of the metro railway in Kolkata will soon a hike, nearly after six years. The minimum and the maximum fares, however, will remain the same. It will only increase depending on the distance.

According to reports, the base fare for a two-km journey will remain Rs 5 whereas to travel between 2 and 5 km, passengers will have to pay Rs 10. For a distance between 5 and 10 km, passengers will have to pay Rs 15. Up to the distance of 20 km, the fare will be Rs 20. For above 20 km, the fare will be Rs 25.

The proposed hike was in hold for a long time as this was seen as a move that would burden the commuters. However, metro passengers were in favour of a little hike as metro fares in Kolkata is the cheapest among all the cities that have metro connectivity. In 2013, metro fares were revised but, according to reports, the new fares could not be implemented as it was just ahead of the 2014 general elections.