New Delhi: Amid skyrocketing prices of onions, dairy majors Amul and Mother Dairy announced increased prices of milk pouches which will be effective from Sunday onwards.

Amul will be increasing prices by Rs 2 per litre and the new price will be implemented in Gujarat, Delhi-NCR, West Bengal, Mumbai and Maharashtra. According to reports, The revised prices for Amul Gold will be Rs 28 for half a litre pouch and Amul Taaza will cost Rs 22 for the 500 ml pouch. There will be no change in the price of Amul Shakti.

Mother Dairy hiked the prices of milk by up to Rs 3 per litre. “Milk availability across various states is under severe stress due to adverse climatic conditions including extended monsoon and delayed start of the flush season. The adverse climatic conditions have also resulted in a significant increase in feed and fodder prices,” Mother Dairy said.

“This year the price of cattle feed has increased by more than 35 per cent. Considering the increase in cattle feed and other input costs, our member unions have increased milk procurement price in the range of Rs 100 to Rs 110 per kg fat which is more than a 15 per cent increase than last year,” said Amul in a release.

In milk production, April to November is lean season and December to March is called flush season. Whenever the lean season gets extended, there is a shortage of milk.