Amazon has finally brought their Amazon Prime Video to India and the video streaming and viewing service will give competition to Netflix, which recently came to the country. Amazon has priced the Amazon Prime Video competitively in India and the video service will be available at a discounted rate for the first year, post which the rates almost double – but that’s still not overly expensive. For now, the Amazon Prime Video app is only an Android app and is compatible with only Android devices. For iOS users, the wait is longer as Amazon is planning to launch the iOS version of the app for Apple devices in the coming days. The Amazon Prime Video app subscription is also cheaper as compared to competitors giving Indians the added advantage. Additionally, Indians can access multiple videos, shows, movies and other content from the app directly for streaming and viewing.

Coming to the subscription rates of Amazon Prime Video, the rates are competitive. While for the initial month, the subscription rates are Rs 499 per year, the rates then go up to Rs 999 per year. However, monthly, for the initial months, the rates are barely Rs 50 per month – which is far lesser than that of competition. Even post that, the rates of Rs 999 per year come to barely Rs 85 per month, which is extremely cheap and budget for Indians. As opposed to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, which is the strongest competition for the service has priced it’s subscription rates starting at Rs 650 per month. Amazon Prime Video users also get a free one-day delivery service, which is otherwise chargeable and priced at a premium. However, the service is free only for 1 year post which charges will be applicable. However, both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have exclusive content which will be the ultimate distinguisher.

Nitesh Kripalani, Director and Country Head, Amazon Video India said, “We are thrilled to unveil Prime Video in India—with the largest selection of ad-free, exclusive new release Indian and Hollywood movies and US TV shows and award-winning Amazon Original Series, Prime Video is an awesome service for anyone who loves movies and TV shows; and we’re just getting started. Prime members can enjoy reliable, high-quality playback of some of the best shows and movies available including brand new Amazon Original Series with top Indian stars and filmmakers over the next year. This is on top of the benefits Prime members already know and love—unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery on India’s largest selection of products.” Pokemon Go finally comes to India, partners with Reliance Jio for Pokestops and Gyms

Amazon Prime Video is not really expected to affect Indian apps as the content on these apps is channel specific and TV shows are what form most of the content. Also, Amazon Prime Video subscribers will be able to sync the app across all their devices and access their content anywhere. There are also options to download the content and view it offline later. Additionally, for Indian Amazon Prime Video users, they can easily access the entire US catalogue by logging into Amazong Prime Video US or, instead of Amazon India also added, “We are continuously adding new content for you from popular content providers like Dharma Productions, T-series and more. We are excited to introduce upcoming, original and exclusive TV shows just for India. Our focus on new shows and movies will only increase over time”.