Heavy rains from the last three days in Mumbai have tremendously improved the water supply to the city. It is disrupting the order of business for the people of Mumbai.The lashing of rains has caused a stir in the normal life of people. Mumbai rains have disrupted the daily routine of people while travelling. People faced problems while travelling; with roads either being clogged or flooded with water logging all roads are blocked. The Mumbai suburban railway got disrupted due to the heavy rainfall. Even the bus transport system was crippled due to which office goers and students had a tough time dealing with the monsoon.

The city has received an abundant water stock marking up to 4.99 lakh million litres. Although the gradual rise in the water level is indeed a sign of recovery, it is taking a toll on the lives of Mumbaikars.

According to the Regional Meteorological Centre, heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at most places over Konkan-Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The maximum and minimum temperature would be around 29 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius respectively. The heavy spell of rain is said to be during 48 hours from July 31st 2014.