Gone are those days when Navratri fast meant potato, potato and more potato. Yes, since gluten is one ingredient that’s not allowed during this 9-day fast, we need potato as a binding agent if we want to make bread, poori and paratha. But that doesn’t restrict our diet choices at all. Don’t settle for potatoes all the time as Navratri diet is now being seen as the most scientific detox diet one should adopt before the advent of winter to replenish our body with the required nutrients and to detoxify.

Kuttu Dosa 

Kuttu poori is a delicacy. But if you are tired of those oil-dripping pooris, ditch them this season. Go for Kuttu Dosa. As easy as it sounds. Mash arbi and mix it with buckwheat flour and sendha salt. Add some water and mix well. add ajwain, red chilli powder, ginger, green chillies and mix again. (all according to your taste). Keep adding water unless the batter gets dosa consistency. Heat a flat pan, brush it with a little amount of ghee, pour a ladle of the batter and spread it. Add more ghee to make the sides crispier. Once cooked, flip the side, if you are making plain dosa. For masala dosa, you can add potato filling, of course.

Samak ke chawal ki idli

Warning: These idlis won’t be as soft and fluffy as rice idlis.
Take sama ke chawal and sabudana (half of sama ke chawal) and soak them for at least three hours. Drain and grind them. Allow the batter to ferment like regular idli batter. Add salt and then proceed as rice idlis. You can serve this with coconut chutney.

Sabudana vada without potato

We all know the potato version of this dish. Let’s try something else this time. Replace potato with roasted peanuts and a little Rajgira ata. Rest is as usual. Rinse and soak sabudana. Mash them well. Roast peanuts and ground them. Add the powder to the mashed sabudana. Add spices of your choice. Add any gluten-free flour. Make small balls and fry them in oil.

Banana Kofta

Pressure cook raw banans. peel them and mash them with coarsely crushed roasted peanut powder, black pepper, cumin powder, roasted and ground cashew, salt etc. The binding ingredient will be any gluten-free flour. Make balls and fry in ghee.

Farali Pattice

Making this is time-consuming but it’s worth the effort. However, this is a potato-based recipe, but a welcome break from boring potato sabzi. The filling can be of dry fruits and coconut. The wrap is if mashed potato and buckwheat flour, rajgira flour etc. Fry deep or shallow according to your taste.

Happy Navratri!