Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh on Thursday said that the India is facing a dual challenge from COVID-19 and China’s attempts to change the Line of Actual Control but also added that the Navy is determined to stand steadfast in these testing times.  While addressing the media, Karambir Singh said there is a dual challenge from COVID-19 and Chinese attempts to change the Line of Actual Control but India is fully prepared to face both these challenges. Also Read - Income Tax, Merger of More Banks: Here’s What to Expect From First ‘Paperless’ Budget 2021

“We have an SOP to tackle the situation if there is an infringement by Chinese research vessels,” Admiral Karambir Singh said. While explaining the Navy’s role in the ongoing conflict with China, Singh said that the Navy’s activities are in close coordination and synergy with the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. Also Read - PM Modi to Launch India's Vaccination Drive on Jan 16 | This is What Centre Has Planned

“Two predator drones taken on lease are helping us to fulfil the capability gap in our surveillance. 24hrs of surveillance capability is helping us to get sustained surveillance capability. If Army and IAF feel a requirement for them in the northeast, we can consider it,” Indian Navy Chief said. Also Read - Bird Flu: Delhi, Himachal, Goa Take Strict Action, Ban Import of Poultry Products From Outside | Details Here

“41 of the 43 warships and submarines to be built for the navy in future are all to be made in India including the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier,” he added.