New Delhi: A few hours after the BJP tweeted a ‘charge sheet’ (aarop patra) against the Kejri government in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal replied that he would go through the complaints and will implement the good suggestions in the next five years. “Our culture teaches us to keep our critics closer,” he tweeted quoting poet Kabir Das’s nindak niyare rakhiye. Delhi will go to the polls early next year.


“We will go through the aarop patra of the BJP and whatever good suggestion has been given in it we will implement it in the next five years. We want everyone to review our work and point out our shortcomings and give suggestions so that we can do more good work,” he said.


The BJP has released several videos criticising the ‘half-finished work’ of the AAP government. The videos mostly show two people praising the Kejriwal government as ‘a lot of work has been apparently done’. Then, an ‘aam admi’ (autorickshaw driver, car mechanic) interrupts them and enumerated what all the government promised and what it achieved.