The yearning for the most coveted awards of history, the golden statuette of glory – Oscars®  is one of the most special award for any talent in the movie making industry. One film of 9 films will win the honour and the best will walk away with their #GreatestDesire at The Oscars® 2017. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and popular Indian Television’s daily soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu star Amar Upadhay shares his prediction on Best Picture quoting, “Looking at all the films that are nominated this year for the Oscars, I think that La La Land definitely has a high chance of winning best picture. I loved the film completely and it had such an old 80s vibe to it that is amazing.”

He also adds, “From the beginning song to the end, it was amazing to see and had great music and dancing. I can watch the film again and again because it had an overall feel good factor that is great to see in a musical. Ryan Gosling especially I never knew he could sing and dance so well and he’s so good! Every single moment of the film, especially last scene when Ryan’s character looks back at their love story is so heartfelt. It’s deserving of 14 nominations and I think it will win Best picture. Even when I go to the gym, I have all the songs from the movie and listen to it all the time”. (ALSO READ:Whoa! Jacqueline Fernandez thinks THIS film will win the Best Picture at the Oscars 2017!)

The 89th Edition features movies nomination from  mysterious and Sci-Fi movie Arrival, historical war based movie Hacksaw Ridge, story of a team of African-American women mathematicians Hidden Figures, dramatic Lion adapted from book “A Long Way Home”, Moonlight showcasing the life of a young black man, based on 1950’s a working-class African-American father life depicted in Fences, Hell or High Water a power packed Action, Crime & Drama , simple drama Manchester By The Sea and last but not the least La La Land, a love story dancing with 14 categories in the Oscars® Nominations.

The Academy Awards this year has a lot in store with a history making 14 nominations of the movie La La Land all set to steal the show this year. Since the movie has already broke records in every award ceremoby,it’s time we run through five interesting facts that we should all know about La La Land before it hits the Oscar’s this year. (ALSO READ: Oscars 2017: Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson & Dakota Johnson to present the 89th Academy Awards)

1.) The film has made a record on holding the most number of Golden Globes won by a single film.

2.) The entire film was shot in a span of eight weeks.

3.) The song, “When I Wake”, was first featured in ‘Whiplash’. In both the films, two characters are discussing Jazz while the song plays in the background.

4.) The screenplay of the film was written seven years before.

5.) Ryan Gosling turned down a role in ‘Beauty And The Beast’ to do ‘La La Land’

As each film is overflowing with absolute brilliance in every frame and we inch close to Oscars, movie buffs excitedly have started predicting the winners.