New Delhi: To give it a colourful life, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on January 11 unveil a new sound and light show at the iconic Howrah Bridge. An announcement to this effect was made by a senior Kolkata Port Trust official on Wednesday.

The arrangement of light and sound is part of a project of Kolkata Port Trust for its 150th-anniversary celebrations. The new show will no doubt become an attraction for tourists and the people of the metropolis.

The new arrangement will replace the existing decorative lighting with 650 power-efficient LED and spotlights for a programmable multi-colour lighting including a show that will sync with the music.

“The prime minister is scheduled to inaugurate the sound and light show at Howrah Bridge on January 11 evening. It will be a 2.5 minute show and sound system is installed at the Millenium Park,” the KPT official told PTI.

To make it more enjoyable, music will be synced on a mobile app to enable people to enjoy the show from any location besides Millenium Park.

The official further updated that the bridge will be lighted in different colours for about two hours on a daily basis for people to enjoy it.

Constructed by the British, the historic bridge was opened to the people in 1943 replacing a pontoon bridge at the same location. It links Kolkata and Howrah. KoPT celebrated 75 years of the bridge, which is known as the ‘Gateway of Kolkata’ in 2018. Later, the bridge was renamed as Rabindra Setu in 1965.

Believed to be the busiest bridge in the world, Howrah bridge is an engineering marvel as it does not have nuts and bolts but was formed by riveting the whole structure.

The bridge was built with 26,500 tonnes of steel out of which 23,000 tonnes of high-tensile alloy steel, known as Tiscrom, were supplied by Tata Steel.