Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday slammed the government for ambiguity in the coronavirus vaccine policy of the country. The Congress leader took to Twitter and wrote, “PM – Everyone will get vaccine. BJP in Bihar elections- Everyone in Bihar will get free vaccine. Now, GOI- Never said everyone will get vaccine. Exactly what does the PM stand by.” Also Read - Facebook, Twitter Executives Summoned By Parliamentary Panel Over 'Social Media Misuse'

Gandhi’s tweet came in response to the government stating on Tuesday that it has not talked about vaccinating the entire population of the country against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan had on Tuesday said at a media briefing that there may not be a need to vaccinate the country’s entire population against COVID-19 if a critical mass of people are given a shot to break the chain of the virus transmission.

He made it clear that the government had not spoken about inoculating everyone in the country.

“I just want to make this clear that the government has never spoken about vaccinating the entire country. It’s important that we discuss such scientific issues based on factual information only and then analyse it,” Bhushan had said.

The Congress on Wednesday also attacked the Central government for saying that every person in the country does not need to be inoculated against COVID-19, while dubbing it a “U-turn Sarkar” and seeking clarity on who all will be administered the coronavirus vaccine.

Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the opposition party said while he had announced that every Indian will get vaccinated against the novel contagion, the Health ministry later announced that everyone in country need not be immunized.

“The Prime Minister said every Indian will get the Covid vaccine. But, the Prime Minister’s statement was turned into a ‘jumla’ after the Health ministry said the entire country will not be inoculated,” the Congress said on its official Twitter handle.

“Can the Indian people get some clarity? Will they be getting a vaccine or do they have to be Atmanirbhar when it comes to surviving this deadly virus,” the party asked in another tweet.

The Congress accused the government of being a ‘U-turn sarkar’, alleging that while the Prime Minister announced that every Indian will get the COVID-19 vaccine, a few days later the Health ministry said the government never spoke about vaccinating all citizens in the country.