New Delhi: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has left stargazers mesmerized once again by posting a unique visualisation of Saturn, the most recognisable planet in our solar system. NASA has shared a stunning video of a parade of Saturn’s moons that has left its followers in awe. In the clip, four moons of Saturn are seen revolving around it.Also Read - NASA's Mini-Helicopter 'Ingenuity' Captures Mars Rock Feature in 3D View

NASA’s visualisation, made based on images from Hubble Space Telescope, shows a ‘moon parade’. This is to say that Saturn’s moons can be seen in this video along with the beautiful planet. In the video, a shadow on one of the moons on Saturn can also be seen. Also Read - Mars Perseverance Rover Has Collected its First Martian Rock Sample, Confirms NASA

The ringed beauty is a sight to behold on its own. The majestic planet and its rings can easily be spotted in the night sky using even a mid-sized telescope. Also Read - 14-Year-Old Aurangabad Girl Gets Selected For NASA's MSI Fellowship Virtual Panel, Wins Praise From Twitterati

Sharing the breathtaking visualization captured by the Hubble telescope on Instagram, NASA wrote: “Time for a moon parade. Four of Saturn’s moons move across the face of their planet in this spectacular Hubble visualization. Icy moons Enceladus and Dione are on the far left, while the large orange moon Titan and icy Mimas are on the right.”

The video has received more than 1 lakh likes and hundreds of comments. An Instagram user commented saying, ” Wouldn’t it be great to see this in real life?” Another user said, “Is this real ?? So clear image ..even shadow casted can be seen”.