We’ve seen many cute videos of animals on the internet over the year and cats clearly are a complete favourite. Whatever they do, or even if they don’t do anything, just sit before the screen and snooze – we can watch them! But then there are times that animals do amazing things and surprise us. Their antis and their actions are just so adorable that we cannot help but giggle and laugh at them! And this cute little kitty dressed up in a monkey suit is the icing on the cake! Hats off to the owners for planning such an elaborate outfit!Also Read - This hilarious video of cat drinking milk will make you laugh!

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The ginger cat is just poking her face off the monkey outfit, with the cute little ears and all and the rest of the outfit too looks filled thanks to her body. But no, the cat isn’t forced through the suit, it’s just placed on her head. And when she’s given a nice peeled banana, she quite enjoys her treat and licks away! There is another cat who is quite amused and yet confused with the whole ‘kitty-monkey’ act and is sniffing all around wondering what the other cat is up to, dressed up like a monkey! The entire situation is quite hilarious! Also Read - This Christmas learn how to gift wrap your cat!

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We have often seen the internet breaking with kitties and their antis. Cats like Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Monster Cat, Venus the Chimera Cat, Alien Cat, etc have owned the internet and surprised everyone. They are little celebrities in their own right and even have Facebook pages to themselves and endorse brands! So now, do you think this monkey cat will be the next viral sensation?