New Delhi: Union Minister Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday visited Jammu and Kashmir as part of the 36-member delegation from the Central government, and said Article 370 was the biggest obstacle and was standing like a wall in the way of development of Jammu and Kashmir. He also said that the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir will now be the most developed region of the country in the near future. Also Read - ‘Centre Has Granted Rs 16 Crore to J-K, More Developmental Initiatives Will be Taken,’ Says Naqvi in Srinagar

“After its abrogation, the speed of development increased by three to four times. If the development continues like this, I believe that Jammu and Kashmir will be the most developed region of the country in the near future,” Rijiju said.

He also highlighted that when he was in the home ministry, the erstwhile state had received the highest funds from the Centre under the leadership of PM Modi.

“Jammu and Kashmir had received so much of funds that nothing like that was provided to any other state of the country. After the erstwhile state came under the governor’s rule (in June 2018), the developmental activities gathered pace,” he further added.

During his visit, he interacted with a number of locals and said J-K is a very beautiful place with lots of potentials. “The central government is moving towards with its goal to develop the region. I am in politics for the last 30 years and had not witnessed such type of development within five to six months. The speed of the developmental activities has increased manifold,” the minister added.

He further added that the future of the Union Territory is bright and its youth can now have a dream to touch the sky.

Part of the Central ministers’delegation, Rijiju reached Jammu on Tuesday on the fourth day of the massive outreach campaign launched by the Centre. The ministers went there to disseminate information about the implementation of its policies and programmes for the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir.