Venice: Venice, a world heritage site, which attract millions of tourists, was left devastated earlier this month after apocalyptic floods swept through the city, flooding its historic basilica and inundating squares and centuries-old buildings.

However, in the midst of this tragedy, a hilarious video of a tourist walking through a flooded area, to click a selfie has gone viral. The man, dressed in a santa-esque red coat and hat can be seen filming himself with a selfie stick as he wades through the floodwaters to get the perfect shot.

However, unaware of the depth of the water, he ends up falling into the canal. The video was shared on Twitter by StanceGrounded and has garnered over 4.6 million views and amassed more than 51,000 retweets.  Check out the video here:


Here’s how people have responded to the hilarious video:



People commented how he managed to save both his phone and selfie stick

Well, there was a section of people who thought that the video was fake and all of it was staged



As per IANS, Venice, was flooded on November 12 by a tidal surge of 187 cm, the highest level since 1966, when a 194 cm tide was recorded. By November 15, the city’s St Mark’s Square was completely flooded and inaccessible after which the country declared a state of emergency.

Despite the emergency, tourists were seen walking around in the flooded St Mark’s Square, and clicking selfies.

“For the tourists it’s amazing, it’s something to see. But for the people who live here it’s a real problem. It’s strange. Tourists are taking pictures but the city is suffering,” an Austrian tourist Cornelia Litschauer commented on the tragedy.

The flooding that was witnessed, was the second highest in the city’s history, and the mayor blamed climate change for the catastrophe.