New Delhi: The Congress on Saturday has released a 17-minute video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi interacting with a group pf migrant workers in Delhi’s Sukhdev Vihar. With the background score of Aye Watan and a voiceover by Gandhi himself, the video opens to the miseries of the migrants — seen trudging on the streets to reach home. The video ends showing how Rahul Gandhi had made arrangements for the safe return of the group of the migrant workers to their native places.Also Read - Who Will Get Absolute Majority in Punjab? Watch Zee News Opinion Poll LIVE at 7 PM

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Do you have money to go home? Will you come back to Delhi once lockdown is lifted? Would it have been better, had the government given you a 2-3 day notice before the lockdown? Did you try booking trains? Did you get money in your accounts? Have you met anyone who has got Coronavirus? These were some of the questions Gandhi asked in an apparently impromptu meeting with the migrants. Also Read - #ZeeNewsOpinionPoll: Congress Just Ahead Of BJP in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat Most Popular CM Choice | Highlights

Before the release of the documentary, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and wrote, “A few days back, I met with these brothers and sisters who were walking to their home towns near Jhansi. Today at 9 a.m., watch the story of their patience, determination and self-reliance on my YouTube channel.”

In the documentary, the Congress leader can be seen sitting on the street along with the migrant workers and talking to them. Narrating the story of the migrant workers, Rahul Gandhi said, “Corona has hurt a lot of people, but the worst-hit are the labourers, who walked on the streets for hundreds of kilometres. They walked with an empty stomach, they didn’t stop and were beaten, threatened but still, they managed to walk to their homes.”

“I want to show you what are their fears, their aspirations, and how is their future and what they feel about it,” he said.

“I am Mahesh Kumar, from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, I have already walked 120 km. Since yesterday we have been walking and we have been walking in the night. Now what we can do, we have to walk to our homes,” a worker said to Rahul.

“We were paying Rs 2,500 as rent. And we are going to Jhansi and we are walking without money,” one of the migrant workers said.

The group also informed the Congress leader that they have left most of their belongings in the rented accommodation in Haryana. “We are not bothered about that. We have left the utensils of our kitchens there. If life is saved then more utensils can be bought,” one of the women from the group said.

After his interaction, the former Congress President urged the government to make direct cash transfer of Rs 7,500 into the bank accounts of the workers.