New Delhi: Miscreants wearing masks to conceal their identity is a standard operational practice in any crime. So when two masked men stole gold ornaments worth Rs 13 crore from Lalitha Jewellery in Trichy in the early hours of Wednesday, the investigators didn’t find anything strange as it was just like any other dacoity until they took a look at the CCTV footages.

According to reports, the CCTV footages revealed that the thieves were wearing funny masks. How funny? Well, one of them was wearing a cat mask and the other was wearing a dog mask.

The masked robbers stole nearly 800 jewels weighing about 30 kg after entering the store by drilling a sidewall. The stolen jewels are said to be worth Rs 13 crore.

The amount stolen clearly proves that it was a high-profile jewellery shop with required security arrangement in place. Police said, six nightwatchmen were there guarding the showroom. It’s a mystery how the two men deceived all of them and spent 90 minutes inside the store. Did the guards posted for security arrangement actually mistake the two thieves as a cat and a dog? In that case, the camouflage actually worked!

This aside, the robbery was meticulously planned. The thieves sprayed chilli powder to confuse police dogs and left no fingerprints behind.

It is the second major burglary in Trichy. In January, three lockers at PNB were broken and Rs 19 lakh in cash, 470 sovereigns of gold and documents were stolen, a TOI report said.